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Freedom is a common desire of those who participate in training, coaching and in life. Yet, what is freedom?

Often it can be construed in the idea that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and there be no consequences. In other words, anything goes.

Couple that idea with the idea of being in the moment and being childish rather than childlike and we have a formula for anarchy and chaos, and pain.

Freedom is about choice. Choosing from moment to moment. And, as we are aware of the options of ego and spirit, being free in any given moment to choose from the place of the ego, or choosing from the spirit.

In that sense, freedom does open the door to an “anything goes”. Yet, ironically, in that context the idea of freedom becomes a limitation in that belief that if I am free, then I must live life in an “anything goes” manner such that I am free to break commitments, cheat, lie, steal, etc., because “I am free” and therefore must prove to myself that it is so. It is here that the ego takes the concept of freedom, an infinite concept, and attempts to put it in a finite context, i.e. “if you are free, you will……”.

Again, freedom is about choice and being aware of what your choices are, moment to moment, and choosing. Freedom is the option to choose, moment to moment from either the self limiting beliefs of the ego, or to choose from the infinite possibilities of the heart or spirit.

When we choose from the heart we recognize a bigger picture. A picture in which we realize that our choices have consequences and create a ripple effect in the world. A world that we are part of. A world in which we get to live with the results of the choices that we and others make. While we are free to break our word, lie, steal or inflict physical harm on ourselves and others, others are also at choice. They may choose to sever a relationship with us, impose societal consequences for our choices, among other things. While we are not responsible for the choices others make as a result of how we show up in life, we are accountable for the choices we make that ripple out to community.

When we choose from spirit, we can know in the moment if that choice is working, or not working. Choosing from spirit is to choose in the moment, with a sense of purpose, of edification, of discovery of who and what we are, and to create a ripple effect that supports a greater environment that inspires the same discovery in others.

Freedom is far bigger than just the idea that anything goes. Freedom is to be aware of what our choices are and to be free, moment to moment to moment, to choose either from the self limiting beliefs of the ego, or the infinite possibilities from spirit.

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