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Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer / Coaches Academy

Whether you desire to be a trainer, life coach or want to more effectively implement the principles and context of the training in your life, then you might be a candidate for this training! The Trainers/Coaches training is not for everyone. It is an intensely powerful training that not only teaches techniques and principles to be an effective trainer or coach or implement in your life.  Michael Gardner shares his insights and skills based on his 26 years of experience in the training and coaching field. It is a challenging training that invites you to look even deeper within to further discover the blind spots within, and also more magnificent power you possess to realize your life’s dreams and possibilities.

Training Runs Approximatly 6 months

4 Two Day Trainings, and Bi-Weekly Mini-trainings

Regular Coaching Calls

Train The Trainer Qualifications

To qualify for this training you must have completed the 60 Day Shift training. You must also commit to attend the complete training and its’ scheduled activities.
If you are selected to participate in this training you will receive a certificate certifying that you have participated in and completed the course.

Have Completed Your 90 Day Shift 0
Be Committed Coaching and Training 0

Your Investment

The only time you have ever really benefited from anything in your life has been when you trusted yourself and said ‘yes’ to what you felt.  Becoming a professional trainer and coach is about inspiring others to say yes to taking on their lives and trusting their purpose and vision.  You can be the shift. You can be the difference.  Invest in yourself.

For questions or to register by phone call Cathy @ 530-990-1147